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The BrandBuildr Plan

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The BrandBuildr Plan

The BrandBuildr Plan
The BrandBuildr Plan
The BrandBuildr Plan
The BrandBuildr Plan
The BrandBuildr Plan

**This is not a course! This is a "brand audit" OR "Strategy" presented in a beautiful, easy to follow PDF**

Looking to scale a brand past 7 figures? Unlike agencies or some of these fancy course sellers, we've actually done it ourselves. We own 3 x Global brands.

Guess what? It's done without staff, an office and of course any unnecessary agency fees.

We created this concept after realising that most of what you hear in courses or via an agency is overcomplicated BS! We've found much more success in about focusing on doing the simple stuff right. Do the basics well, use minimal channels and automate as much as you can. 

This plan has been created by Danny Buck, CEO of The BrandBuildr Group and founder of multiple global brands. One of which was set up with £500 to show people how simple it can be to create a brand that can replace your job income.

The most important part of this plan is to declutter the B.S. from building a brand. There are 1000s of companies trying to sell you their services and courses, but we ensure you keep your budget tight and focused on what's going to bring the returns in fast.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Understanding "metrics". It's no good having an idea if it's going to be unprofitable. We analyse your Gross Profit, Average order value, Repeat purchase rate and much more.
  • How to source trusted suppliers, designers, photographers & more (if required)
  • How to up-sell visitors to make a higher average order value.
  • We share our entire software and app list.
  • How to get a website that converts.
  • How to build a Facebook Advertising funnel and scale day by day. We're now spending over £300k a month with facebook and getting a strong (PROFITABLE) return.
  • How to grow your Instagram and make it a channel for sales.
  • Where NOT to spend money.
  • How to make a profit from Influencers today.
  • Email marketing strategies to generate sales & increase retention (this is gold!)
  • How to create a business that is 100% remote. Meaning you can manage your business from anywhere in the world.
  • How to maximise lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs.
  • How to manage customer service.
  • How to fulfil orders at speed or outsource it all!
  • And much more!

Bonus Items:


This is geared towards helping you launch your brand. Ideal for if you have an idea, but no clue what to do next. We show you everything you need to get your brand off the ground and preparing a pre-launch plan to generate sales as soon as launch day. From sourcing suppliers, getting designs for your products, building your online store, free & paid ways to market your brand, and more.


This is geared towards helping existing brands improve in areas that aren't performing, implement proven marketing strategies and get the most out of what you have as we review your brand and provide recommendations to increase sales. We go through all things from Facebook, Instagram, Influencers, Email and more. It's about getting the basics right and scaling from there.

Facebook/ Google won't let you advertise?

Don't worry, we've consulted for CBD and supplement companies before. The marketing funnel is the same, we just need to tweak up the top of funnel strategy. 


Join a FB group full of BrandBuildr's just like you. We've created a community of people that only has brand owners inside. Brand owners that go through the same headaches and pains you do. Together, we solve problems and share solutions. A lifetime membership and all this is included inside the fee.

Unsure if it's for you?

Across the 1000+ members of the BrandBuildr Community, we've helped brands with a wide variety of interesting online brands from the fashion space right through to beauty & cosmetics, interior furniture, gardening multi-stores, teeth whitening, CBD oil and meal prep brands. 

Ready? Let's BUILD!

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What our graduates are saying

Harry Simonis Tailored Athlete

"When I first started working with Danny I set a goal. 6 weeks later Danny helped me surpass this goal whilst helping me building extra connections and show me how to do things the right way. Thank you!”

Rich Williams Dynasty

“Banking on Danny naturally means you are stacking the odds of success in your favour. Thanks for all your support buddy”

Collin McLelland Fit & Wealthy

"Can't beat what this saves you in cash. Worth every penny".