How Lucy Created a Mental Health Inspired Jewellery Brand

How Lucy Created a Mental Health Inspired Jewellery Brand

Featured Guest: Lucy Bowyer, Little Brave

Welcome to Episode 01 of the BrandBuildr Community Series where we will be bringing out members of our Community that have used our 90 Day Plan to launch a brand they're passionate about.

In today's episode, we will be speaking with Lucy Bowyer, Founder of Little Brave: Dainty nature inspired jewellery for warriors, donating 10% to Mind Charity with every purchase.

Inspired by her own suffering of mental health, she wanted to turn the negative situation she was facing in her life into a positive by creating something that represents a form of protection at times when feeling low.

Lucy had been building on her personal brand for a while blogging through Instagram before finding out about BrandBuildr. Whilst working her full-time job, she decided to use her spare time to start the brand. There was one thing that was holding her back and that was knowing exactly what she needed to do to bring the idea to fruition.

This is when she found out about what we do and what our 90 Day STARTR Plan consisted of.

We were then able to help Lucy launch her brand and start to generate momentum with growth and sales to market her brand.

Tune in to hear about the ideology behind Little Brave and her experience with joining our 90 Day Plan.

To find out more about Lucy's brand head to:

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